Complex Polymer Particles via Microfluidics    pdf

PhD as a Marie Curie fellow, Sept 2006 – April 2011  Ghent University, Department of Organic Chemistry, Ghent, Belgium

Supervisor: Prof Filip Du Prez,

The work was part of the sEnDiChem project

In my opinion Talha Gökmen has submitted a very interesting thesis that meets the highest international standards. The experimental work is of high quality and reported in sufficient detail. The thesis is well-written. A broad range of spectroscopic and microscopic methods was used to determine  the structure and chemical composition of the polymer beads. The discussions and conclusions are fully in line with the experimental data. A large part of the work described in the thesis has been published in no less than 6 peer-reviewed publications in high-quality international journals. It is evident from his thesis that Talha Gökmen is a talented young scientist. The manuscript can be admitted to the public defence without changes.

Prof. Dr. Bart Jan Ravoo


The thesis won 2012 BPRI annual PhD award in polymer science & technology


Synthesis of Segment-Block Dendrimers via Chemical Ligation   pdf

MSc, Sept 2003 – Feb 2006  Boğaziçi University, Department of Chemistry, Istanbul, Turkey

Supervisors: Asst Prof. Rana Sanyal, Asst Prof. Amitav Sanyal