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Rethinking Scientific Issues

The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do BetterA book by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett

The Invention of HeroesNature 2009. The Western public?s misapprehension that genius in science is always male and caucasian is partly a legacy of Victorian politics, says Christine MacLeod.

Balancing Belief and BioscienceNature 2009. Can religious belief really be reconciled with a life in science? Gene Russo contemplates the contradictions.

The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific ResearchJournal of Cell Science 2008

Heuristic Thinking Makes a Chemist SmartChemical Society Reviews 2010. We focus on the virtually neglected use of heuristic principles in understanding and teaching of organic chemistry.

Transparency Showcases Strength of Peer ReviewNature 2010. Bernd Pulverer reflects on his experience at The EMBO Journal of publishing referees? reports, authors? responses and editors? comments alongside papers, as other EMBO publications adopt the same policy.

Far More than Mere TransitionScience 2010. On the book named Science and Islam

A Smarter Way to Combat HungerNature 2009. Traditional approaches to supplying food are an inefficient ?band aid?, says Pedro A. Sanchez. New evidence shows that helping farmers to help themselves is more effective and would be six times cheaper.

Materials Ecology: An Industrial PerspectiveScience 2010. Careful process design that considers material use and reuse over the entire product life cycle is important for a sustainable industry.

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