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The GMO Stalemate in EuropeScience 2013.

Teaching Creative Science ThinkingScience 2011. Students? creative insights can be nurtured by promoting peer-peer learning and increasing associative thinking.

Places of Production of the ElementsChemViews 2011. From iron, which is produced by China on a 900 million metric ton-scale, to rhodium, which has an annual production from Chile totaling 25 metric tons, the elements are produced either by the mining and refinement of ores or by extraction from brine pools ? as in the case of bromine which Israel produces from the Dead Sea (165,000 metric tons).

Accidents in WaitingNature 2011. Every researcher and institution should question their own attitudes to safety in the lab after the death of an undergraduate student in a Yale University workshop.

Home sweet homepageNature Chemistry 2010. The importance of an up to date and easy to find website should not be underestimated by scientists looking to establish links to others in their community ? and represents good value for relatively little effort.

BelgiumNature 2010.

Famed for its beer, chocolate and the statue of a urinating boy in its capital, Belgium also has a well established scientific heritage. The country excels in biotechnology and space science, and has a world-leading nanotechnology research centre, the Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre in Leuven

Hervé This on Flavour and PerceptionNature 2010. French chemist Hervé This is a pioneer of the field of molecular gastronomy, the science of cooking. From perfecting the boiled egg to making custards with meat proteins, he has advised top chefs worldwide. He tells Nature why he is moving on to ?note-by-note? cuisine using compounds to build taste and smells, and why turkey is best cooked in the dishwasher.

Is Your Computer Secure?, Science 2009. Security must be built in to software from the outset rather than added on later.

How Safe are Your Data?Nature 2010. Many scientists want to keep their data and resources free; cybersecurity specialists want them under lock and key.

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