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Inspirations for Young Scientists

Animated science, Nature 2013. Understanding how visualizations can communicate research will help scientists to make the most of the technology, says Quintin Anderson

Toward a Science of Simplicity and A Lab the Size of a Postage Stamp Watch George Whitesides on his TED talks

2010 Lindau Meeting with Nobel LaureatesNature 2010. In acknowledgement of the 60th Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates, Nature looks at the hard work, inspiration and ultimate recognition associated with a life dedicated to scientific enquiry, and how these can be passed to the next generation.

Being Bob LangerNature 2009. Running one of the biggest academic labs in America gives Robert Langer almost 100 people to help and advise; his BlackBerry gives him the rest of the world.

On Becoming a ScientistScience 2009. Bruce Alberts, editor-in-chief of Science, offers some personal advice

Publish Like a ProNature 2010. Prolific authors and journal editors share how to get manuscripts noticed, approved and put in print.

Researching Outside the BoxNature 2011. Open innovation offers scientists novel ways to apply their expertise ? and sometimes provides much-needed cash.

Lindau 2009, Eyes on the PrizeNature Chemistry 2009. For six days during the summer of 2009, hundreds of young researchers gathered in Germany on the shores of Lake Constance to take part in the 59th Meeting of Nobel Laureates at Lindau ? this year dedicated to the topic of chemistry.

The Story of John Cornforth, 1975 Nobel Chemistry Laureate. A crippling ear disease that left him deprived of hearing did not stop John Cornforth in his quest to uncover the wonders of science.

The Making of an Exceptional ScientistNature 2010. Dorothy Hodgkin was born 100 years ago next month. Her biographer, Georgina Ferry, reflects on the factors that propelled the Nobel-prizewinning crystallographer to greatness.

Are You Ready to Become a Number?Science 2009. Life could be a lot easier if every scientist had a unique identification number. The question is: Who should provide them?

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