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Doing a PhD

Ticket to everywhereNature 2013. Are PhD students also trained for industry?

Mental health: Under a cloudNature 2012. If you are depressed because of your PhD work, you are not alone and you should get help to fight with it.

PhDs leave the ivory towerNature 2012. UK doctoral training centres prepare students to run a lab ? or work outside academia.

The PhD FactoryNature 2011. The world is producing more PhDs than ever before. Is it time to stop?

Rethinking PhDsNature 2011. Fix it, overhaul it or skip it completely ? institutions and individuals are taking innovative approaches to postgraduate science training.

Fix the PhDNature 2011. No longer a guaranteed ticket to an academic career, the PhD system needs a serious rethink.

Reform the PhD System or Close it DownNature 2011. There are too many doctoral programmes, producing too many PhDs for the job market. Shut some and change the rest, says Mark C. Taylor.

Seven Ages of the PhDNature 2011.

Scientists share memories of doing doctorates in different decades, disciplines and locations, from the hunt for the structure of DNA to deciphering the human genome.

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