Feb 16 2012

Elsevier: Not welcome anymore?

If you visit thecostofknowledge.com, you will see that thousands of prominent scientists are now refusing to publish, referee or do editorial work in any Elsevier journal. The reason is that professors, who are payed by their institutions and not by the publishers, do all the authorship, refereeing and editorial work for the journals but when they want to read an article they have to pay exaggerated prices to the publisher.

Sooner or later, open publishing will replace current system. Publishers should earn their money from advertising and should pay to (at least) editors. That is one of the reason for the existence of this webpage, distributing my own articles to the community of science, which is done also by many other authors.

To my opinion, Elsevier is not the only one to blame. Other publishers are not innocent either.

Feb 15 2012

World’s 50 most innovative companies

Yet another list, yet another confirmation of the innovative nature of Life Technologies. Life Tech ranks the 9th most innovative company in the world and the 1st in biotechnology in this list of Fast Company

Feb 14 2012

Coercive Citation

As more and more discussed, “impact factor engineering” practices of authors and editors are surfacing up. Here is a Science article that discusses the coercive citation phenomenon in economics, sociology, psychology, and multiple business disciplines. I hope there will be further studies in other fields including chemistry. I am surprised to read one of the comments on this article saying that authors tend to include references from the journal that they are submitting their papers, just to “convince” the editor.

From my experience, one of my colleagues submitted a paper a couple of years ago to a well-known polymer journal. The editor, one of the top polymer chemists in the world, asked 5 articles of the same journal to be cited!

Feb 13 2012

Ethical Considerations for Authors and Reviewers

ACS is doing a really good job by preparing these videos. I am sure that this series will guide many scientists, students and professors alike, on publishing in a good way. The full series can be watched here.

Feb 10 2012

Austin named one of the Top10 Plants in N. America

IndustryWeek magazine named Life Technologies’ Austin site one of the Top Ten Plants in North America for 2011, making it the first biotechnology facility to win the prestigious award. IndustryWeek noted the plant?s 9% inventory reduction since 2007; 41% improvement in gross margins since 2007; 94% error reduction in production documentation process; $4.2 million in productivity improvements in 2010; and the 2009 successful transfer of the Molecular Biology product line from another site as reasons for the honor.

Life Technologies: IW Best Plants Profile 2011

Quality is Every Workers’ Focus at Life Technologies

Feb 09 2012

Norway is sequencing genomes for cancer treatment

A pilot programme will use latest tumour-sequencing techniques to help guide cancer care. That can be a very important step forward in the cancer treatment. Read the report of Ewen Callaway on Nature News

Feb 08 2012

LifeTech ranks #15 on Global100

Life Technologies ranks #15 in the Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list. We are the highest ranking US company on the list.

It is the proof of our commitment on improving the life on earth without making a negative impact on nature. Proud to be part of Life Tech!

We pay 100% of our tax. Only 1.4% of all employees left the company last year; second lowest in the list.

Jan 26 2012

Belgian-German (Macro)Molecular Meeting

My former PhD supervisor Prof Filip Du Prez is organizing a new conference at the end of the year together with Prof C. Barner-Kowollik.

Houffalize, Belgium December 3-4, 2012

The Belgian-German (macro)molecular meeting provides ample opportunity for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to showcase their work in oral as well as poster presentations, flanked by keynote lectures from some of the leading polymer and bio-organic chemists.

The research themes that will be part of this symposium include synthesis of complex polymeric architectures by combination of controlled/living polymerization protocols with several types of modular ligation, functionalization of polymeric nanoparticles, modification of inorganic nano-objects with macromolecules, construction of biohybrid materials such as polymer-peptide/protein conjugates, engineered proteins and DNA as well as emerging industrial applications.

Jan 25 2012

Northern lights

There was a magnificent show of northern lights observed in most of Norway yesterday. Experts say that it was the strongest in the last 6 years. Oslo was too cloudy unfortunately to see anything. See the photos here: http://ut.no/artikkel/1.7967958

Jan 19 2012

CEO Greg Lucier talks about Life Technologies

Life Technologies YouTube channel

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