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Feb 02 2014

Aşı ve İlaçlar

Note: This is a post to convince Turkish parents to not to trust anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. Aşı karşıtı söylemlere maruz kalıyoruz. Özellikle ebeveynler çocuklarına aşı yaptırmakta tereddüt yaşayabiliyor. Şüpheci olmak çok önemli lakin şüphe ile komplo teorisini ayıran şey nedir? Doğruluğu kontrol edilemeyen/ispatlanamayan iddialara dayanan şüpheler komplo teorisidir. Bu yüzden iddiaları iyi değerlendirmek gerekir. Aşı …

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Jul 23 2013

Turkish Scientists Abroad 2013 Assembly

  I was invited by TUBITAK to Turkish Scientists Abroad 2013 Assembly (Yurt Dışındaki Türk Bilim İnsanları 2. Kurultayı) on 4-5 July. There were about 100 brilliant scientists, the majority of which were from academia, working in highly respected institutions. There were also R&D scientists from some companies, but less in number. Finally, there were professors and rectors from …

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Dec 12 2012

Under pressure

Scientists are well aware of the fact that pressure can change the outcome of a reaction to yield products that are ?impossible? to obtain otherwise. Pressure can also alter the behavior of matter. Gas molecules behave like liquid under high pressure and totally different characteristics emerge when supercritical conditions are reached. Another well known fact …

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Mar 12 2012

How to write a scientific paper

Edited on 12 July 2012 I have been asked by many of my friends and colleagues about converting their research into text, how to write a scientific article in other words. I share my own experience here, hoping that it will be useful for some. Writing a nice paper is not an easy job, especially …

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Feb 17 2012

ACS thanks authors and referees!

ACS has released this video just few days ago. I cannot help but ask myself if they are afraid of a similar reaction as the one against Elsevier (please read the previous post).

Feb 16 2012

Elsevier: Not welcome anymore?

If you visit, you will see that thousands of prominent scientists are now refusing to publish, referee or do editorial work in any Elsevier journal. The reason is that professors, who are payed by their institutions and not by the publishers, do all the authorship, refereeing and editorial work for the journals but when they …

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Feb 14 2012

Coercive Citation

As more and more discussed, “impact factor engineering” practices of authors and editors are surfacing up. Here is a Science article that discusses the coercive citation phenomenon in economics, sociology, psychology, and multiple business disciplines. I hope there will be further studies in other fields including chemistry. I am surprised to read one of the comments on this article …

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Feb 13 2012

Ethical Considerations for Authors and Reviewers

ACS is doing a really good job by preparing these videos. I am sure that this series will guide many scientists, students and professors alike, on publishing in a good way. The full series can be watched here.

Jan 04 2012

Citations and Ethics

“So, it is a challenge to explore and apply methods to obtain more citations: to a paper, to a journal, to a scientist. Consequently, optimizing conditions for IFs are available, and unfortunately, fabricating or engineering of IFs and  citations in general has also been observed and will probably increase.” Brilliant Angewandte Chemie essay from Prof Reedijk.

Dec 14 2011

Google scholar author search

I have just found out that Google significantly improved its scholar service. “Cited by” works more efficiently than WOS or Scifinder. You can also create your own profile within minutes. Here is mine: It says that I have reached 43 total citations and an H-index value of 4 in less than three years.

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