Feb 16 2012

Elsevier: Not welcome anymore?

If you visit thecostofknowledge.com, you will see that thousands of prominent scientists are now refusing to publish, referee or do editorial work in any Elsevier journal. The reason is that professors, who are payed by their institutions and not by the publishers, do all the authorship, refereeing and editorial work for the journals but when they want to read an article they have to pay exaggerated prices to the publisher.

Sooner or later, open publishing will replace current system. Publishers should earn their money from advertising and should pay to (at least) editors. That is one of the reason for the existence of this webpage, distributing my own articles to the community of science, which is done also by many other authors.

To my opinion, Elsevier is not the only one to blame. Other publishers are not innocent either.

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